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There are alternatives to what the system offers

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fast Food, Fat Profits & My Comments

This video is so interesting and enlightening. But, we could feel hopeless after watching it.

Could there be logical reasons why cancer and diabetes are escalating? Given our food environment in America, we can come up with some good reasons why we are a nation filled with unhealthy people.

I have never seen what a bottle of 'Chubby' soda looks like, but in the video, the bottle is quite small. But the amount of sugar in a bottle of Chubby is equal to the sugar in 7 doughnuts. Chubby is marketed for children.

"It's all about money" says one of the people in the video. How right he is! "Who is profiting from this current situation? Certainly not the children." announces one person.

Cheap food is heavily subsidized. Wow. A nice sized hamburger is cheaper than an apple. Sad. How we devour these things without even thinking about the consequences.

The sad part is, the public isn't really even aware of this. Those who are skilled at marketing are doing a good job and making a lot of money using the techniques of the 'lust of the flesh' when it comes to food and eating habits.

Watch the video. It is about 23 minutes. You will never be the same.


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Co ops That Are In My Area That Might Be Of Interest To You

Co ops

I am involved in several food/supplement/farmer's market co ops. If anyone is interested in joining these co ops, please send me a message at You need to live in the Orlando/East Orlando section of Florida because that is where the pick ups are. I don't make any money on these co ops, but we work together to make them work. They are all perfectly legal too.

1. Frontier Wholesale club - Buy Frontier products in bulk, as well as other natural and organic brands. Sells herbs, spices, teas, seasonings, cleaning products, etc.

2. Grass-fed milk that has not been pasteurized. This is grown on a local farm. The cows are A-2 Jersey cows, which are the best for milk drinking (note: legally, we have to have a label indicating that the milk is 'for pet consumption only'). With the purchasing of milk, free range eggs can also be ordered. Also, most of the time, goat's milk will be available too. I am avoiding using the 'r' word because I don't want it to come up in any searches that would be hunting down this type of milk.

3. Fresh For Less - Organic vegetable and Fruit co op. Meets in Tuskawilla every other week. Order a whole share of vegetables and fruits for $50, or split the order with someone for half the price. There are others who also host this co op in their area in Central Florida. Let me know if interested, and I can find out where the other places are located.

Non-co op ideas

I also do essential oils and Juice Plus+. If anyone is interested in the essential oils, there is a class on Thursday evenings to learn about them. There is tons of information on the Internet concerning the benefits and uses of essential oils. Please let me know if there is an interest in this. This is not a co op opportunity like the ones above. If interested in Juice Plus+ also send me an email. Both are excellent ways to bring good health and to help remove toxins from our bodies and to help enable us to heal ourselves.

All the opportunities listed here (with the exception of the oils and Juice Plus+) are specific to the Central Florida area, mainly Longwood, Sanford, Winter Springs, Winter Park, Altamonte, Oviedo, Geneva, Chuluota, East Orlando, South Orlando, and Maitland. The essential oils class meets in Winter Springs on Thursday evenings. If you live further away, but would still like to be part of the co ops or classes, that is fine as long as you don't mind the drive!