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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Essential Oils and Animals

I was watching Janet Roarke DVM, who was a featured speaker on a group of summit videos on essential oils, and, of course, I learned a lot. I learned that cows actually like some essential oils and they even get to pick out which ones they would like to be used on them! Lavender seems to be a favorite oil for using with animals. Melaleuca is very potent and has to be used carefully around animals.

She recommended taking a cup of baking soda, and adding 4 drops of an essential oil in it. Leave it sit overnight, then sprinkle on the litter in the litter box. I wonder if Frankie likes the new smell in his litter boxes??? I used lavender and placed the drops in the baking soda. Baking soda is good for litter boxes anyway. I was in Costco one time, and was looking at the baking soda. A lady was commenting to someone else that she puts it in her litter box and the litter boxes did not stink.

   Janet Roarke used some essential oils on a horse that was sick with respiratory problems, and the horse actually recovered. Makes me want to use oils in every room in my house! Time to buy another diffuser!

  Have you used essential oils with your animals, and if so, what has your experience been?