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Monday, May 1, 2017

Reasons Why We Might Be Gluten Intolerant

Today, I was talking with someone about food, and she asked me a question that I thought was interesting. Why are people gluten intolerant?

My opinion on why people are gluten intolerant is simply because when the wheat is growing, it is heavily sprayed with pesticides.

I once saw a documentary where people were spraying the wheat plants that flour comes from. I was horrified by what I saw, and whenever I bought flour from that point on, I knew there were risks involved.

The woman who asked me the question explained to me that we are gluten intolerant because flour has been completely stripped of everything it originally started out with. When it gets into our systems, immediately it turns to sugar and our bodies react to this by producing antibodies to the gluten.

One more point was brought up. The woman continued to explain that for a while, she was gluten intolerant. She went off gluten and eventually was able to eat products with gluten in them. But a very important point she made was that her digestive system needed to be repaired. Once her digestive system was repaired, she could start to add the gluten products to her diet again.

Some think that the problem with gluten is that the wheat is genetically modified. The problem with that theory is that we really don't know if wheat has been genetically modified or not. At least, according to my little bit of research. Some people say that it has been genetically modified, and others laugh at that idea. So, maybe it is a contributor, or maybe it has nothing to do with the reason why people have to go on gluten free diets today.

I have heard a few stories of where people who are gluten intolerant can go to another country and eat bread without any problems. Maybe we can factor this into our research of what causes gluten intolerance. What is it that farmers in other countries do or don't do to their wheat while it is growing? Or maybe it is the preservatives and additives we put in to our products that contain gluten. It is hard to say at this point.

The main take away though is this; whatever sickness or ailments we have, we must cure them first by getting our digestive systems fixed. That is where we need to begin. Then we can go on with our research following that protocol.