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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alleviating Sore Throat Pain Using Natural Means

With the flu season upon us and all those bad germs surrounding us, what is one to do when she gets a sore throat? Here is a link that gives several natural methods to help ease a sore throat. Even with the best immunities and detox methods we use, it is still possible to get a sore throat. There are natural things to do to relieve the symptoms.

Sore-Throat-Remedies - Alternative Medicine

Interestingly enough, I have been taught to do some of these things. When I was pregnant, I had a sore throat and the doctor told me to use salt water and gargle with it. My mom used to mix honey and lemon together. Sometimes, we ate it straight off the spoon, but we also had it in tea.

Here is a list of the suggestions they put on the page:
*Marshmallow - This is not the marshmallows that you put in your hot cocoa. Marshmallow is actually a plant that has excellent health properties.
* Licorice Root - Another plant (not candy) that helps with sore throats.
* Slippery Elm - Sounds kind of gross. But it is a plant that can be made into cough drops which have been reputed as helpful with sore throats.
* Sage Tea - Oh how I want to grow sage! Make it into a tea to help with sore throats.
* Honey - You can do a lot with honey. Honey also has some antibacterial properties.
* Warm Black Tea - This might be something you make every day anyway!
* A Lemon Drink made from Lemon, Cayenne, and Honey
* Gargle with warm Sea Salt Water

So there you go. Now, off to find a recipe for natural, homemade cough drops, now that I have the ingredients in the house.

Some Ingredient Resources, teas, and natural cough drops:

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