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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To Vaccinate Or To Not Vaccinate

I don't really have an answer for this question, from my angle yet, but what I want to do is to just look at this issue and see exactly what we are dealing with.

We have people fighting all over the Internet about this topic, if you haven't noticed. But what exactly are we fighting over? Personal rights? Fear of autism in our children in the future? Anger at people who selfishly don't want to vaccinate their children?

I am not an authority on this subject, but have been reading quite a bit lately, just because the articles are in front of me, from both sides of the argument.

I would also like for you to read another person's article on this subject:

To summarize my thoughts, I do not think this issue is over whether we should vaccinate our children or not, based upon facts. The CDC and FDA have warning about taking the vaccines, but those who give out the vaccines either ignore them or don't know about them.

We should just learn the facts as best as possible, and not attack people who are on the other side of this issue. There are valid reasons why people do not want to vaccinate their children. It helps if we know what these reasons are. (Go to the link above for more information).

Years ago, we were at a church service, and out in the lobby were some children coughing. You could tell they had whooping cough. I remember getting irritated that the mom would not have vaccinated her children. My baby was possibly exposed to whooping cough now.

   Not sure why someone would bring their children with whooping cough into public areas. Fortunately, for their sake, a doctor was there and gave them some medicine. Grateful that my baby didn't catch the sickness!

  I used to see a stereotype of people who didn't vaccinate. They were those families who had home births, and who home schooled. It almost looked like some kind of rebellion to society to vaccinate your children, whenever I saw these people and their families. Maybe they were in some kind of silent contest of who could be the most radical? I didn't know, but back then, I thought that not vaccinating your children went a little bit too far.

   Now that I am older and more informed, I am seeing an alarming trend in society, particularly in America. I see the American Cancer Society who has been working for decades to find a cure for cancer, yet being unsuccessful. Yet, I have also seen people, not related to the medical society, come up with cures for cancer. What happens to these people? Many times, they end up in jail. The FDA doesn't approve of what they were doing. There has been a lot of talk about genetically modifying seeds to make plants resistant to sicknesses and also to make them resistant to the harmful affects of herbicides, like Roundup. Again, the FDA together with Monsanto, are defending their 'right' to genetically modify plants. But what would happen if Monsanto continues to work with genetically modifying plants? What would that lead to? One farmer found out. Apparently, he planted seeds on his farm, but the seeds were tainted with Monsanto's genetically modified seeds and produced the kind that were put out by Monsanto. The farmer claimed that he never planted any Monsanto seeds. He was arrested and went to jail. The fear of what could happen, is that Monsanto could actually take over the whole food industry, and put the local farmer out of business, or create laws that would prohibit people from farming and gardening, altogether. If the government has its way, all food would be processed and owned by corporations like Monsanto, and we would not have a say in the kinds of foods that we want to eat.

   We see commercials advertising all these 'wonder medicines' that can help with the sicknesses we have today. By law, they have to put the disclaimer on them though, which makes it kind of funny. They tell the side effects of taking the drug and the warnings. Many times, one of the side affects is 'death'.

   All these things tie in with each other, and vaccines are included as well. We have the FDA which forbids selling root beer, the way it was originally made. Root beer used to be made from Sassafras root and bark. A study done using mice indicated that drinking root beer made from sassafras could cause liver cancer. Mice were given the equivalent of a human's consumption of 3 gallons a day for a long period of time. First of all, I don't know anyone who is going to drink 3 gallons of root beer every day for months. So now, when we buy root beer from the grocery store, it is made with tons of sugar (which is approved by the FDA) and artificial colors and sweeteners. Did you know that sugar feeds cancer cells? This same group approved of sugar being added to food, even in large amounts, forbids using Sassafras in soda.

   I think we are probably the sickest nation of people in the world. Is there any wonder why? With a McDonald's on every corner and most of our store bought food being filled with sugar and other chemicals which are approved by the FDA, this is no mystery.

   I know of two people who recently got the flu vaccine, and they got really sick afterward. I know of a young woman who almost died from a vaccine when she was going to leave the country and was required to be vaccinated. Recently, we are having a measles epidemic and are being encouraged to have our children vaccinated. There is question of whether or not to penalize those who choose not to vaccinate.

   Why is it that we cannot understand that the best prevention is to use preventive care instead of running to a doctor after we get sick? Vaccines are a type of preventive measure, but again, we choose to take the preventive measures we like, instead of the ones that are best. We would rather get a shot than to give up McDonald's hamburgers or fries. We would rather risk getting a shot that contains harmful chemicals and potential side effects than to give up drinking Coke or Pepsi. It is so much easier to buy a box of scalloped potatoes that are already prepared (but full of preservatives) than it is to buy some potatoes and make scalloped potatoes from scratch.

  The key to being healthy and staying well is to build up our immunity systems. The key to building up our immunities is to get rid of the toxins that cause inflammation and lower our resistance. Are we willing to do that? That is the question. So far, the answers I have seen, for the most part, are 'no'.

   We live in a society that embraces convenience and searches for what makes us happy. We think that shortcuts are always good and that there is little or no effects on our lives, by the things we do to our bodies. There is always a trade-off though. Taking care of our health is hard work, and we as Americans do not like to do 'Hard things'. We like the easy, quick, fun way out of difficulties. If something is hard, or takes a process to accomplish, we avoid it. If something is as simple as 'I like this so I will eat it' then we eat it. But if we have to learn about that thing we are eating, it will be too much work for us, and we just simply, in ignorance, enjoy it. Then, somewhere down the road, we suffer. Go figure.

  I can make a lot of connections for people on this topic, but I would rather just put out the information, and also statements made by the FDA and CDC, as well as real time events that have taken place (see above link). You don't need to be a genius to figure things out. I am not one who believes in a conspiracy theory either (except the one concerning the devil being behind all evil ultimately). I believe there are evil people in key positions making very unwise decisions concerning our health, and the fear of it all is that the choices they make will result in their being enacted as law, when they see those who do not agree with them rising up. We can point fingers all we want to. We can expose all the facts, but ultimately, we are the ones who placed them in office to begin with. And now, we are reaping the consequences of decisions being made today, following an era of an apathetic society when it comes to having a standard of right and wrong.

  It is up to you to make the decision of whether or not to vaccinate your children (or yourselves). I am not going to be angry with people either way. The only thing I ask is that we look at the facts (and, for the sake of space) I did not put anything here concerning the 'facts' and statements made by other authority figures. The link above will bring you to more information on that.

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