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Monday, September 28, 2015

I Like My Teeth Nice And Clean

All of my life I have suffered with problems with my teeth. When I was 8 years old, I had to have 8 teeth pulled out at the same time. Definitely was not fun.

Fast forward many years later; As an adult, I still get cavities. I have a light case of gingivitis, and have had at least 8 root canals and crowns put on my teeth. It's about time I find something that will help me have clean teeth, or, at least a clean mouth, free from bacteria that will end up rotting my teeth.

A couple of years ago, I made my own toothpaste. I did not like the way it turned out, but it must have made my teeth very clean, for the dental hygienist told me a couple of times, how impressed she was on how clean my teeth were during that visit.

  What did I use to make my teeth that clean? If I remember back, I used a homemade toothpaste that contained peroxide and baking soda. I put it in a jar, but it did not come out easily. But perhaps it really did work.

  Now that I am using essential oils, I have another idea to keep my teeth clean. When I put toothpaste on my brush, I put a drop of frankincense, a drop of clove oil, and a drop of myrrh essential oil. The clove will take care of infections that are in the area inside the mouth.

  My big concern today is for the root canals and crowns I have. There is some information out there saying that root canals are very dangerous. The reason why they are dangerous is because they are blocked and the canals are still open. Germs can hide in there and live inside the canals. If my immunity ever became compromised, I could get very sick. That is the reason for the clove oil. Clove oil is very strong and will kill germs. If you use clove oil, you must be careful. One time I got it on my face around my lips, and my face felt like it was burning all day!

   When I was a kid, I had teeth problems, mainly with abscesses. My mom would put something called a 'polaris pad' inside my mouth where the abscess was. I still remember the taste. It was the flavor of cloves.

   When I brush my teeth in a couple of minutes, I am going to use spearmint essential oil on the top of the toothpaste. This will be a good note to go to bed on.

  Certain oils should not be swallowed so take care to spit out after you brush your teeth, especially with the oils like myrrh or cypress. They are good for the mouth (gums) but should not be taken internally (swallowed).

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