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Friday, February 5, 2016

More Information On A-1 Cows and A-2 Cows and Why It Matters So Much

We already hit on the subject of why milk is bad for you and at the same time, milk is an excellent food. There are many factors for this dilemma, some of which have to do with the way the cow is treated, what it is fed, and whether it is given antibiotics or growth hormones or not. But there is another factor involved. It has to do with whether the cow is an A-1 cow, or an A-2 cow.

   A-2 cows win the contest when it comes to producing nourishing milk. I am not a scientific type of person, so I probably would not serve my readers by trying to explain the dynamics behind all of this. All I understand is that something in the chemical makeup of the protein that is made by the cows, is different for A-2 and A-1 cows, and this difference can affect whether people can tolerate or digest the milk properly.

Most cows in America are A-1 cows, and that fact accounts for the reasons why many people claim milk is bad for you. It has something to do with the casein that is part of the protein. Many people cannot handle the casein produced from A-1 cows, but many are able to digest, without difficulty, the casein from A-2 cows.

So, instead of my trying to go any deeper into this, I would like to recommend a book on this subject. As I was studying this a couple of days ago, this book kept popping up. It is used by others who are also researching milk and how it affects our bodies.
"Devil In The Milk" by
Keith Woodford

There is a good amount of information on the Amazon page concerning this subject. One other consideration we have to take is that there are dairy lobbyists out there who are promoting dairy products to support dairy agriculture. They are not lobbying necessarily because they have your best interests in mind. 

On the other end of the spectrum, I have seen people completely give up all dairy products because of the bad rap that milk has gotten. While it is true that milk from the grocery store is probably not very nourishing, there is a milk available from farms that give their cows tender loving care, and the farmers do sell the milk that their cows produce. It takes some research to find where these places are. 

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