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Friday, July 17, 2015

Eastern Medicine And Essential Oils - Two Things I learned This Week

What have I learned, that has been beneficial this week? I do a lot of research and study a lot of health related issues mainly on the Internet. I am grateful for medical doctors who love to help people and continue their studies on health.

  One of the things I learned this week, is about Reflexology and Acupressure. I found this video and this is a form of 'Qi' which is the energy force in our bodies. This is a good alternative to having to take drugs.
I would be very interested in learning how to do reflexology and especially using oils with reflexology. I think this is so much better than using medication in trying to help us with the symptoms of sickness.

 The other thing that I love that I learned this week, was how nice the effect of using two essential oils on my face. I used geranium and frankincense mixed with fractionated coconut oil on my skin. My skin looks smoother than it used to. I am impressed.

As with any Eastern medicine or practice, we do need to be discerning. There is nothing wrong with touch and using reflex methods to help our bodies. But when the teacher or instructor uses terms that indicate a supernatural force that is used to accomplish healing, then we need to back off. I believe God heals people, even today. When Jesus was walking on the earth, He healed many, many people from all kinds of illnesses. But there is a subtle belief in Eastern religions that sometimes comes out in their medical practices.

  Sometimes, it sounds a little like Norman Vincent Peale's teaching about our having some kind of spiritual asset inside of us. New Age and the Eastern religions teach that there is a force within you that you need to acknowledge and bring out. There are even some teachings that would say that 'you are a co-creator with God (or whoever the ultimate being is)'. This is scary because it is not only false, but it sets people up for disappointment. God is creator. We are the created. But, because we are created in God's image, we do have creative abilities. That is not the same as being a co-creator with God.

  Aside from all that, there is a lot of good and helpful information we can learn in reflexology. We can help others by simply learning the zoning areas (meridians) mainly on the feet, and how they correspond to the different organs that make up our bodies. For example, did you know that the area that corresponds to the thyroid is below the big, right toe, on the bottom of the foot? How cool is that? A simple way to reach the thyroid, without having to go inside the body.

   Here is a book I am reading, carefully. It explains the subject of reflexology and Acupressure (which tie in with each other, even though they are two different methods of healing).

I can't wait to learn everything in this book, as well as everything about the benefits of using essential oils! So many good and helpful things are available to us today, that we didn't have in the past.

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