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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Oil Experiment With Bugs

For the past two months, I have been using essential oils. Each month, I invest in a couple of new oils that I think I can use. I have had some success with oils so far. One of them is with sleep. We are using some of the recommended oils for sleep and relaxation, and they do seem to help.

   A couple of weeks ago, we went to Canada for a business conference. One of the activities we did on our own was to go hiking. I don't know if the bugs in Canada are different than the ones in the U.S., but I didn't have much problems with bugs like mosquitos.

   On the Fourth of July, we were planning to go see fireworks. I got an idea of taking some oils and rubbing them on our palms. I took peppermint oil, but we also used some of the citrus oils. When we went to see the fireworks at night, we had very little, if any problems with mosquitos or flying insects. Hmm. Maybe we are onto something.

   My husband said the same thing. He was not bothered by the bugs, like usual on the Fourth of July. Perhaps it was just coincidence though. But the theory seems plausible. Bugs do not like the taste of oils.

   Whenever I go out into my garden in the evenings on warm nights, the bugs are so bad. I get tons of bites from mosquitos or even horse flies. But I have a bottle of citronella, and it really does help to keep the bugs away when I use it on my skin.

   So, this experiment seems to have worked positively. We can also use the bug zapper light we have which is really cool. Bugs hit this light continually, and then get zapped.

   I now wonder if because I have oils in my body, will that repel the bugs like mosquitos and horse flies? I hope so.

  I will update my blog page with more experiment results for you to enjoy!

   Just came up with another idea. Since I have a problem with roaches, and since bugs hate the smell of peppermint, how about if I try using peppermint oil in the kitchen? Should be interesting. I will love to see the results of whether or not it will help to get rid of roaches.

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