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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Good And Safe Waffle Iron

I had spent the last couple of years analyzing waffle irons. I do not like the ones that have a non-stick coating on them. So, I searched but never found what I was looking for until someone suggested using a ceramic waffle iron. I found one on and I love it. So grateful for the suggestion and that I asked the question in the forum at the right moment.

This is just like the one I got. Amazon has other ones as well, and this particular brand has a couple of different colors offered too. Using this one has been easier than using the one I had prior to this. There is no need to spray or butter the plates. The finished waffles come right off. The cleanup is easy too.

There are a lot of recipes on the Internet for making waffles. I have even seen sourdough waffle recipes. By now, there may even be gluten free recipes.

If you do ever get a waffle iron like this one, please read the instruction booklet that comes with it. This applies to any appliance we get. Don't assume you know everything about the machine if you have never used one before.

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