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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Reason Why We Strive To Be Healthy

The reason we take measures to take care of our bodies is not so much that we live a long, long life, although that is a wonderful benefit, but, the reason more specifically is, that we can be fully functional and not living in unnecessary pain until the day we take our last breath.

We live in a toxic society, and a society that perpetuates sickness with everything around us. All of this, of course, is done under the guise of 'convenience' because we have been taught the convenience is the most valued thing around.

We live for today, and take short cuts whenever possible. We have microwave ovens wherever we go. It takes too long to heat something up by any other means and we have to get back to what we were doing. Stores sell tons of food items where the only preparation is adding water or milk, and then viola, the dinner is served. Clean up is minimal.

Take the opportunities that we have, for us to go to a fast food restaurant and get something on the go. We don't only do these things on Sunday, after the church service. Anytime time gets tight, we rush to the nearest hamburger joint or pizza place.

I am not necessarily going to say it is wrong to go to a fast food place or buy prepared food from the grocery store. But what is the trade off? This applies to all of us, especially today in America.

America is one of the sickest nations in the world. This should be surprising since we are also one of the top technologically inclined nations of all nations anywhere. There are many articles written and much research has been done on the correlation of how we live and why we are sick today. Yet, nothing really changes. The fast food places are still packed. We continually hear about friends and relatives who develop cancer at an early age. We lose friends and family members to cancer all the time. We wonder when our turn will come.

But my question is, do we have to succumb to sicknesses like this? Is this specific to America in the 21st century? Is there anything we can do to help solve this problem?

I do believe we can work with this. We can take measures that should help us to have better health. That doesn't mean that if we all took these measures and applied them to our lives that no one would get cancer or any of the other dreaded diseases that so many are getting today. But it is a step in the right direction and can be helpful.

    There does seem to be a correlation between what we eat, touch, and breathe in. We can do some things to get rid of toxins in our bodies. The question is, do we want to pay the price for having good health and feeling good physically, or would we rather satisfy our taste buds and not make any changes in the way we prepare our food? Can we take the time and do some research or listen to trusted people who have studied the affects of what we eat and how it affects our bodies? Can we learn how to nourish our bodies so they will be able to fight off sicknesses and disease? Can we learn how to eliminate toxins from our environment or is that too much work for us who live in a society that demands instant results and gratification?

The choice is ours. We are fortunate to be able to have this choice. We can choose to live the fast paced life or we can choose to live our lives carefully and healthfully. What we do will not only determine how long we live, but it will also determine the quality of our lives. Which is the best choice for you?

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