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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Warning About Eastern Medicine

Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but Eastern medicine is way better than Western medicine. The philosophy behind Eastern medicine is basically that your body heals itself if given the proper elements. But, there is a problem.

I have been researching health and healing for the past several years now. Most of my research is done by professionals who upload their articles and share their wisdom on the Internet. I must say, I have learned quite a bit. But, there is a warning, and I will explain.

Many of the practitioners of Eastern medicine also incorporate their spiritual ideas based on their tradition. Much of their medical practice is tied in with their religious beliefs.

For example, many will put an emphasis on things like finding or sending good vibes. They incorporate ideas like meditation and using mantras. On the outset, it might not look dangerous, but if you listen to their suggestions of words to use when chanting or things to meditate on, you will find things that encourage you to tell yourself how great you are, or that you 'can' do it. A lot of what they teach sounds similar to the prosperity Gospel or something from the Therapeutic Movement.

I actually saw a post today telling us why we should trust the Universe. One person commented saying that he or she trusts in the One who made the universe. Someone else replied to that saying that we are the universe. Another instructor teaching a class informed us that we are the Creator. I guess this confirms the world's idea of man being the measure of all things.

While I love all the medical aspects of what I am learning, and I have a lot of respect for those who are teaching Eastern medicine, I am very concerned that we could end up doing the same thing they are doing. Can we separate the spiritual aspect from the reality and benefits of the medical knowledge? Or will we be the ones telling our patients and those we care for to chant certain words or send good vibes somewhere?

This teaching or thinking seems to be everywhere. If we are not careful, and unless we are well grounded in the Word, I am afraid that we will get sucked up into these activities that are opposed to God.

All I can say is, please be careful and discerning. In almost every area of alternative medicine, this kind of thing is continually popping up. From chiropractors to aromatherapists, these ideas are being incorporated. Please take the good out and throw out the bad.

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