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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Petra Under Her New Sunlight

I don't know what she was thinking when I first turned this light on. She moved to a part of the cage where the light wasn't as bright. She doesn't understand yet, that this light will be just like sunlight from the outside, and will help her body to form the vitamin D3 she needs to have in order to have strong bones.

I had to remove the top part of her cage, which was the playpen platform bottom situated at the top of her cage. She never liked playing on it anyway. 

Also got her a moon light. Not sure what it will do, but it is supposed to help keep a bird calm at night. I did not take a picture of it because when I turned out the lights, it was too dark to take a picture of it.

Here is a close up picture of Petra in her cage, under her sunlight. I have to make sure that the cord is out of her reach. It will be interesting to see if this light helps bring back the colors in her feathers. She is also started on Featherrific and another product from Avi Tech to help with feather plucking. I will keep everyone updated on this adventure. 

We spend a lot of time making sure our food and environment is safe for us. It would be wise to do the same thing with our pets. I don't understand the mentality where people think it is ok to give inferior food to animals. Animals can get sick just like humans, and when they do, it costs a lot of money to try to get them well. 

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