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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Power Of Fruits And Vegetables Is Being Stripped Away

They are taking away the power of the fruits and vegetables. Yep. That is right. But you ask, how are they doing that?
One way is through genetic engineering. The genetic structure of the plant is rewired to make the plant have certain desirable qualities. But no one thought, or maybe no one cared, that the nutritional value would go down in the plant.
If vegetables and fruits, as well as meats and dairy products are stripped of their nutritional value, they will not be able to serve us with good nutrition. Our bodies will become weak. The goal of the nourishment of the food we eat will no longer be able to be accomplished.
I see this as a spiritual battle as well. Satan wants to destroy human beings through whatever means possible. He works through people to accomplish his goals. Most people have no clue what is happening, but Satan appeals to their greedy hearts. It's one thing to try to produce food that can be produced in such a way that everyone can eat. It's another thing to monopolize the industry and make tons and tons of money, by depleting the nourishment of food in order to supposedly feed millions of people.
Wouldn't it be better to teach a group of people how to do farming than to try to do the farming for them? No one organization can possibly feed everyone. That is a lie from the Enemy himself. It would be better to produce nourishing food for a group of people, and to train other groups to grow their own food.
But groups like Monsanto keep getting bigger. The more money they have funding and supporting them helps them to grow exponentially while the rest of the world continues to become more and more undernourished.
Is it any wonder so many people in this country are sick? And when you think of it, who are these sick people supporting anyway?

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