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There are alternatives to what the system offers

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alternative To Medicine - Building Up Our Immunity Systems

   When we get sick, what do we usually do? We complain, and then we go to the doctor. What I am writing is not a complaint against doctors though. We have some good friends who are doctors. They do a good job at what they have been trained to do simply because they love their jobs and they care for people.

   The medical society is part of the system we live in. The medical society primarily deals with sickness after the person is sick. It tries to come up with a cure, but most of the time, only symptom relief is available.

    A better way to treat illnesses is to not get sick in the first place. Another thought is to build our immunities so that we can fight off sicknesses when they come.

   There are several ways to build immunities, and I won't list them all here today. But there is one that is really good. It is called, 'Juice Plus+'. Many who take Juice Plus+ either do not get sick, or, if they do get sick, they seem to recover more quickly.

    A standard for us today is to eat at least 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. I remember trying to calculate this in my mind and come up with the cost of all this food that we need to be eating, and the price was quite high! Of course, if we lived on a farm with an orchard, it would be a lot easier to do this. But most of us don't live on a farm. Plus, the vegetables and fruit that are sold in stores can be polluted with pesticides. We don't know what kind or how much pesticides are used to protect the vegetation from bugs.

   No one in authority really wants to check and see how damaging pesticides are to our bodies. Those who own the farms which use pesticides, are very common. It is sad to see how much pesticides are on our food today.

    This is just one way to help build immunity: Juice Plus+
Here is the back of the garden (green) chewables:

  I know this is a plug for Juice Plus+ and I know there are other things we can do to help build our immunity systems. I will cover other options as well in later blogs.

   The Juice Plus+ information is fresh in my mind because I just watched a presentation on it and one of the pictures was like the one I posted. There are a lot of people who want to know the ingredients, so I shared a couple of pictures on Facebook as I was watching the presentation, but the pictures were not allowed to be shared, so, I will just make my own. 

  There are a lot of people selling oils, and I believe oils are beneficial, however, I am not going to be selling oils because I would have no customers! But with Juice Plus+, not everyone is aware of the benefits, so, I want to make sure everyone knows some of the good things Juice Plus+ is known for.

   If you go to my page, , you will see different categories listed. One of them is called, 'Clinical Research', I believe. There have been studies done to show how beneficial Juice Plus+ really is. 

   One of the tests for research was on how Juice Plus+ affects the heart. The study was done and those who took the Vineyard (purple) Juice Plus+ fared much better than those who did not use Juice Plus+ in the study. 

   Our arteries should be elastic like in the way they function, and one of the reasons for clogging of the arteries is due to inflammation. Our bodies react to inflammation by actually producing cholesterol. And then we end up with clogged arteries. Old school would say that eating meat and eggs causes us to have high cholesterol but there is more truth to cholesterol appearing in our arteries from those things that cause inflammation. Vineyard Juice Plus+ can help with that, according to the research that was done. 

   In another post, I would like to cover the myths that people think about, when they hear about Juice Plus+. But for right now, I do highly recommend this product. It is not only recommended by me, but also by several doctors, including my own. 

  Please go to my page if you are interested in taking Juice Plus+. The url is  There is also contact information available on that page. 

  Later on, I will be writing on other ideas and options on how to build a good immunity system. 

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