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There are alternatives to what the system offers

Friday, October 10, 2014

Introduction To My 23rd Blog Page

I like to blog. I don't know why because I don't consider myself to be a writer or book author of any sort. I'd rather be cooking or playing musical instruments!

   But, God has put many things on my heart, and the best way I can express them is to write about them. My hope is to help others. I am blazing through a lot of trails right now and at the same time, thanks to the Internet, I am learning a lot.

  I know we have to be discerning and we all have our biases, but one thing God wants us to do is to learn to be discerning in the sense of separating the truth from the lies. We see this in the spiritual realm and we have to do this all the time, as we journey through life with the Lord.

   As we see situations going on around the world, we interpret, and we act upon those situations either with apathy, anger, or concern. We see issues going on around us, and if we are not careful and discerning, we could interpret those issues in an opposite way than is true. For example, we could see a country that is prosperous, and we could interpret the reason for that as the country using methods of conquering to gain the success it has, when in reality, the country is made up of hard working people who have a good work ethic and want to build a healthy society. We could think people are bullying other people around and conquering them, when instead people are doing the kind of businesses they enjoy and benefit others.

   The subject of alternative medicine is too complex to explain in one post. The reasons for alternative medicine could go under a lot of categories, thus, the reason for writing many blogs. I will cover more of the reasons for alternative medicine on my 'Pray For The Church And Pray For The Country' blog.

    This page will be more of a practical working out of using, creating, and finding alternative medical cures in place of using standard medicine. Suffice it to say, for now, traditional medicine is no longer working for the benefit of the people. Sadly, the medical society, which started out with the goal of helping people, has been overtaken with greedy, clever people who don't give a rip about the welfare of people, but only of becoming rich. I say this carefully because, while there are those who are terrible doctors, there are those who are doctors because they love people and want to help. There are also several doctors who are turning to alternative medicine themselves. But there are traditional doctors, who, for the most part, are just ignorant when it comes to alternative medicine, and they don't have time to do their own research, nor do they have the desire to do so, and want to stick with traditional medicine as the cure for all our ailments.

   Traditional medicine can only help us to feel better after we get sick. Traditional medicine does not understand how to prevent sickness in the first place. It assumes everyone is going to be sick, and it tries to take care of people who are sick, by either helping to relieve the pain or by killing the germs that cause the sickness. Much of the medicine is synthetic and has side effects. It is unnatural and much of the time the medicines do not work. But there are groups which provide these medicines, and they are supported by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other such groups. They work hand in hand, not to solve or prevent sickness, but to deal with sickness after the person has become ill.

   There are two main problems that I can think of with traditional medicines. One of them is that they are usually synthetic, and could be dangerous. In organic gardening, we give plants food that is natural and hasn't been treated with chemicals. With our human bodies, we make allowances for using medicines that are chemicals because that is what the doctors prescribe for us. But they are not good for us. They could help us get well. But, whatever else they do is harmful. For example, taking antibiotics can be helpful to get rid of a disease that is life threatening. But we need to know that while the medicine is killing the bad germs, it is also killing our immunity system. We can handle this for a while, and rebuild our immunities later on, but if we continue to stay on antibiotics, just so we don't get sick, we will lose our immunity systems and will be more likely to get sick again.

   Some medicines are harmful to our livers and other organs. But we are not taught today how to look at the future and prevent bad things from happening down the road. We are taught to take the easy way out and we make our lives as easy as we think we can, but in doing so, we are actually making our lives harder and shorter.

   When I was a child, every kid got mumps, measles, and chicken pox. Let's face it, these diseases were no fun. But, they were not the end of the world either. I missed Halloween one year because I had chicken pox. That seemed very sad for me at that time, but it could have been so much worse. But today, there are vaccines that prevent chicken pox. In the medical world, they would lead you to believe that vaccines are totally safe, when there are many examples of people who have had vaccines and who have had bad reactions to them. The medical society won't listen because if they knew what was true, and acted upon it, they would lose a lot of money. And that is where many of their hearts are. While their hearts are being exposed, they continue to defend themselves and their cause and make everything look plausible as well as convincing.

   This is actually the second problem of what is wrong with traditional medicine. Medicine is a form of control and if there are people who are Godless in our medical society (which sadly is now in every nook and cranny in our country) then we are going to have greedy people who not only want to make money, but want control as well.

   I have a friend who has MS, and is confined to a wheelchair and lives in a home where professionals can take care of her. She has no parents or relatives who can take her in. The alternatives are for her to be homeless or go into an assisted living environment where she can be taken care of. The way that this is supported though, is through the government. The government pays for this woman's health care. But realize this; she is subject to them. She has to play by their rules. In this case, the doctor will not allow her to use any kind of medicine except what he/she prescribes. The woman is not allowed to even take a vitamin. She has had her phone taken away and is going downhill physically. She knows there are alternative medicines which can help. We could all chip in and get the medicines for her. But the doctor will not allow us to do that. She must go by whatever the doctor says, because she is under his care, and he is paid on her behalf, by the government. Do you see the problem here?

   So, my goal is to come up with ideas on how we can obtain alternative medicines, create alternative medicines, use alternative medicines, and educate ourselves and others in this subject. We will continue to research and learn and teach others. We know that it is possible for us to live longer, and be healthier by knowing how to take care of our bodies, the natural way.

   Feel free to chip in. But there are some warnings, for me as well as for you. I want to be careful to not blast people who work in the medical field. We cannot lump all of them in the same boat. There is a difference between exposing the evil people are doing, and blasting them and criticizing them in a mean way. Feel free to expose things that are going on and write about them in the comments. But be careful not to intentionally try to rip people apart, even if they are totally, and openly evil. A person's fruit will speak for himself or herself. So, there will be no flaming or spamming here. We want to be charitable and respond to others in love and kindness, the way God has responded to us.

   Here is an example I can give: Michael Taylor is a man who was, at times, the lawyer for Monsanto. He also has been, at times, the head of the FDA. We have had a lot of bad decisions made concerning the health of our nation, and this man is responsible for much of the decisions that are made. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what is going on here. I don't have to blast Michael Taylor. But I will expose what he is doing and take measures in order for him to be ejected from our government in the places where he has been positioned. Does this make sense?

   We also want to be careful about using speculations. I remember watching Little House and Laura was sure that Mr. Oleson was a murderer because she was gone from the house and things were going on that she saw but didn't understand. Mr. Oleson took a machete and chopped the head off a mannequin, and Laura saw that. Mrs. Oleson was gone, and a few other strange things happened, so Laura concluded that Mr. Oleson was a murderer. But in reality, Mrs. Oleson was on a trip to see someone, and Mr. Oleson chopped the head of the mannequin off for some other strange reason. If we are not careful, we could do the same thing Laura did, and misjudge people and issues. We could come to some pretty weird conclusions!

  Some things are clear cut. We know there are big problems in our system. Some of these problems are self explanatory. Some aren't, and that is where we need to be careful. We need to study the problems and find the roots if possible, without destroying people (even if they are doing wrong). If we have a good enough understanding, we can explain the whole situation without hurting anyone.

   I will cover other areas of this subject on other blogs. One other blog I want to make is on building a community that is independent of the government. It will be  open to both Christians and non-Christians, but it will be geared toward Christians. When I actually make this blog, feel free to join it. I will cover more of the aspects of why we need to pull out of the system, and create our own, along with the difficulties we will encounter due to the fact that the government is already putting into place laws that would prevent us from doing so. We need to be one step ahead. That is why we need to 'pray for the church and pray for the country'. (Pray For The Church And Pray For The Country is a blog page I made, as well as a Facebook group).
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