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Friday, October 10, 2014

Making Mulch By Making Rootbeer

Tonight was one of manyy nights when I make home made root beer. I have a good recipe from Wellness Mama. After brewing for a couple of days, I have superb root beer to drink.

  It takes making a 'Ginger bug' which is a culture made out of ginger. Soda was made like this in the olden days, but today we live in a day of 'convenience' and we don't like to wait for anything.

   What is cool about this root beer is that the sassafras root I used to make the root beer with can be used as mulch for the garden. I am using a method called, 'Back to Eden' gardening in which you layer materials in the garden bed which helps the soil become full of microbes and minerals which serve the plants well.

  So, instead of throwing away the bark or the root of the sassafras plant, I will put it into the garden bed. One day, it will decompose and become part of the soil, but in the mean time, it will serve to protect the soil from drying out and eroding. And it is a good way to recycle something as well.

Sassafras root/bark is used to make root beer with. After
you are done using it, you can use it like mulch in the
garden beds. 

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